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American Capitalism is not what Adam Smith envisioned. Luckily, history has proven humans far more creative and resilient than economic models or ruling class diversions. 10 years of non-profit research helped us uncover how to rebuild communities in crisis, and perhaps even restore faith in the American Dream. . . but this time, with our own capital:WEconomy.US. All Together - Better

Prosperity is a subjective value. To some, it’s about personal success, to others, it's about family unity or even just the common good. To me, it starts with our environment, and not just because I love the outdoors, but because it impacts everything we do. So, when it comes down to where I invest my time or money, I choose to support those that observe the new metrics of Triple Bottom Line accounting. Often referred to as “People, Planet, Profit” (in that order), I take it one step further: People-Planet-Prosperity, because, as you may have read about in the preceding piece, it’s not all about money (well, U$D anyway). And luckily, my latest venture satisfies all three, naturally.Industrial Hemp is back. Here

Government has been corrupted by love of money. Public Service has decayed into little more than Self Service. Politicians are beholden to their corporate “donors”. And the media we once trusted to report the truth does little more than scare us into buying insurance we can’t afford for drugs we don’t need for illnesses we don’t have. Luckily, there’s a fix.So, read on & start demanding. Now.


My volunteer work in non-profit economic development now seamlessly complements my belief in our need to secure domestic resilience through green manufacturing.This next industrial revolution must defend the workers, fortify their communities and protect the environment our children will inherit.As a speaker, writer, strategist and artist, I thrive on collaboration and welcome your comments and contact.

I view invitations to engage crowds of any size with great humility (and often great anxiety). I’ve been blessed to have been a speaker or moderator at leading conferences since the late 90’s, and have addressed crowds small and large on five continents. Some of my favorite memories:

(1) Invited to the White House on two occasions, the first time as a Champions of Change honoree.(2) Selected by the State Department to address the Finance Ministers of the European Union at an annual event in Vienna on the subject of Alternative Finance.(3) Delivered keynote address to 13,000 attendees at China’s inaugural World Crowdfunding Conference, to a standing ovation, following Canada’s former Deputy Prime Minister’s speech.(4) Helped introduce to the manufacturers, government representatives and farm communities of Honduras the many uses of industrial hemp, particularly for construction products.(5) Spoke aside Prime Minister Modi’s Chief Economic Advisor in India to the nation’s 3000 leading educators.(6) Addressed 20,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners at Moscow’s annual Internet Week convention.(7) Presented keynote address at the annual Australian Alternative Finance Conference.


If you find yourself at a moment of pause, transition or metamorphosis, I took one of the longest, deepest breaths of my life when I discovered the Japanese philosophy, Ikigai.Depicted in this colorful graphic, Ikigai helps me reason through the many changes that I face as a lifetime entrepreneur, finding myself needing to balance my often unbridled enthusiasm with the responsibilities as a father, husband and steward.A comprehensive, yet remarkably concise exercise I found to help utilize this tool is here.I hope sharing this helps others discover and manifest their purpose, too.

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